Welcome to FZN Solutions

“Friendly Service!”

Who Are We?

FZN Solutions came into being in 2004, thanks to the vision of its founder, Simon Parkes.

With a wealth of experience dating back to 1990 in electrical, computer repair, networking, and website design, Simon embarked on this journey to bring his expertise to the rural community of Llanidloes and its neighboring areas.

His decision to establish the company was inspired by his relocation to Mid-Wales in 1997, where he saw a genuine need for quality services in these fields.

DJ Tony DeVit

Specialist Services

Simon takes pride in offering a comprehensive selection of top-tier specialist PC services meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of both individuals and businesses.

His commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and reliability in every aspect of his service offerings is unwavering. With a keen understanding of the unique requirements of his clients, Simon ensures that his solutions are tailored to perfection.

Moreover, his dedication to affordability means that his services are accessible to everyone, irrespective of budget constraints.

Clients can trust Simon to be their partner in achieving optimal performance and efficiency for their PC needs, without compromising on quality or breaking the bank.

DJ Tony DeVit
DJ Tony DeVit

PC Consultation

In the market for a new PC?

Let Simon be your guiding light in navigating the maze of options and terminology to find the perfect replacement or first-time purchase.

With his expertise, Simon can provide personalized recommendations tailored to your needs, ensuring that you make an informed decision amidst the sea of confusing products.

Say goodbye to uncertainty and let Simon steer you towards the ideal PC solution with confidence and clarity.

Computer Repairs

  • Desktop & laptop upgrades (includes FREE advice and help*)
  • Desktop & laptop component diagnostics
  • Laptop screen repair (whether its cracked or just not working)

Clean-Up Package

  • Malware, Virus & Ad-ware removal – Desktop & Laptops
  • PC Clean up – to speed up a slow PC due to software congestion
  • Operating System Install (upgrades and downgrades)

Clean and removal of all unnecessary temporary files leftover from internet use and programs – does NOT touch or remove personal data and pictures.

checks your operating system (Windows/Mac) for glitches and bugs that have snowballed into problems for the PC to boot or load up in a reasonable time, including some windows functions that may not be working and corrects then without the need for a clean operating system install.

Checks and install of FREE antivirus program plus two highly recommended FREE clean-up applications. Hardware assessment for any speed improvements as an option for you to decide.


FREE hardware system check to offer you upgrade options on your PC. We can upgrade many parts within your desktop or laptop PC depending on manufacturer options available. Memory upgrade, Hard drive replacement or upgrade to Solid State (SSD), faster Wifi card to offer faster wifi protocols. Battery replacement and outer shell laptop part replacements due to breakage – laptop power supply replacement, desktop PC power supply replacement and many more options available on request.


We can repair most computer problems after a FREE pre-diagnostic test to determine if the repair is economically viable and parts are available. a quote is always presented BEFORE any work has begun. From small jobs like battery replacement and hard drive replacement to laptop power socket repair and Motherboard replacement. An option to purchase the parts directly is offered so just labour then is the only cost.


We can replace all current and past Apple iPhone screens – please let us know the EXACT model and screen colour. we will send you a link to purchase the screen direct then charge a minimum of £30 to fit. Most repairs are performed within one hour and are NOT done while-u-wait but to be collected upon completion. Other iphone repairs are possible – please contact us to arrange diagnostics and quote. Please note: we do NOT repair iPads or other brands of mobile phone.